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Nurit 2085 Point of Sale Terminal
The Nurit 2085 point of sale (POS) terminal is ideal for use with credit cards, debit cards, guaranteed check acceptance, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), phone cards and other electronically submitted transactions including those made with Smart Chip Cards. The Nurit 2085 POS terminal is user friendly and offers fast transaction speed thanks to its high-speed built-in thermal printer that also eliminates the need for costly replacement ribbon replacement. The Nurit 2085 POS terminal features a large, high contrast alphanumeric LCD display and menu-driven software that, together with four programmable function keys, allow users to access every feature of the terminal easily and quickly.


Nurit 3010 Wireless POS/EDC Terminal
The Lipman Nurit 3010 is the newest wireless offering from Lipman USA Inc. The culmination of many years experience in both wireless processing and POS device manufacturing, this third generation wireless product is a technological leader and an all-in-one solution. The self-contained unit includes an POS\EDC terminal, fast 12 line/sec thermal printer, internal pin pad, PCMCIA card slot (type I, II, and III), 12 hour rechargeable battery, internal smart card reader (optional), LAN line and wireless modem all enclosed within an incredibly compact package.


Nurit 2059i
Retail point-of-sale countertop space is prime commercial real estate. And, as anyone in the business can tell you, every square inch counts. There's just no room for a clutter of independent transaction devices, each handling only a limited aspect of today's multiple purchase formats (cash, checks, credit, debit EBT and smart card transactions). Retailers require an intelligent device that integrates all transaction functions into one robust, intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

Furthermore, using the optional bar-code scanner allows faster checkout and minimizes cashier errors. The 2059i can also accept an additional plug-in card to support expanded communication capabilities to connect to future networks or peripherals. Enhanced by powerful We-based business management applications, such a register would allow smaller retailers to benefit from the software functionality that larger department stores utilize. Imagine all of this in a highly affordable, minimal footprint register. Then think about Lipman... and the proven NURIT family of transaction-enhancing solutions

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