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Welcome to Pride Merchant Services CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS:
Pride Merchant Services offers end-to-end solutions that include point-of-sale equipment, software and training. We support a full range of terminals and payment systems, including:
  • Verifone, Nurit, and Hypercom Terminals, Printers, and ATM Pin Pads
  • Various Internet Payment Gateways
  • PC-Based Software and Solutions

If you're in the mail or phone-order business, Pride Merchant Services recognizes the need to protect the information your customers provide you. Whether you're just getting started or you're already a multinational catalog operation, you'll find that Pride Merchant Services understands all the issues and has created a suite of financial tools to address your business needs. We recommend a software package that integrates with your order-entry system and has the ability to process orders online. We also provide support services such as Address Verification Services (AVS), which can help you reduce the risks associated with "card not present" transactions. Or, if you outsource order entry, inventory or shipping, our relationships with local fulfillment centers will make setting up your merchant account quick and easy.

Starting a business on the Internet can be a major undertaking, requiring the consideration of diverse resources. Pride Merchant Services has developed a unique understanding of what it takes to get e-commerce businesses up and running. We know e-commerce, and companies processing transactions on the Internet know us.
We work with systems integrators, the companies that coordinate Web suppliers and services, to provide our merchants with the most secure and efficient credit-card-processing solutions available in the Internet. We've formed strategic alliances with the leading e-commerce transaction engines, and we know which fulfillment houses work best with each of those engines. We understand the relative advantages of various shopping carts. We handle returns, credits and the resolutions of cardholders' disputes. In other words, we can help you put all the pieces together to ensure that your business continues to thrive.

Pride Merchant Services is committed to achieving and maintaining a positive relationship with our customers by providing several methods of reporting, as well as easy access to information and our staff. We are available and dedicated to resolving any service issues that might arise. Periodically, Pride Merchant Services will contact you to ensure your satisfaction. Customer support is our number-one priority. We provide technical support 24/7, ensuring a quick, reliable response.

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