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Omni 3200 Payment terminal
The Omni 3200 payment terminal simplifies transaction processing tasks and delivers exciting new features in a sleek, stylish profile. It gives merchants the consistent, reliable performance characteristic of VeriFone Omni terminals and is one of the easiest terminals in the marketplace to use. Omni 3200 is backed by a 5-year terminal, 1-year printer warranty - giving you peace of mind and lowering your total cost of ownership. The VeriFone OMNI 3200 has a user interface with screen addressable buttons. It can display up to 8 lines of text and has a high speed silent printer which prints a blazing 12.5 lines per second. The printer is totally silent. The print head life expectancy is over 24 million lines! The OMNI 3200 has a totally upgradable operating system, so you never have to buy another terminal again. Also, it has a triple track magnetic stripe reader that processes almost any type of card, even driver's licenses for future use.

Eclipse Payment terminal
TeleCheck® is again leading the way with a sleek new payment terminal that is the perfect alignment of form and functionality. It is called Eclipse and it is sure to surpass anything you've encountered.

The Eclipse payment terminal transforms a multi-payment option nightmare into a merchant's dream by eliminating the need for different terminals to authorize and process checks, credit and debit cards, and EBT transactions. Several of the new features include: a built-in ink jet printer, touch-screen interface and an innovative check imaging system. The Eclipse payment terminal is the enabler for the TeleCheck® Electronic Check AcceptanceSM(ECA®) service - the revolutionary process that converts paper checks into electronic items at the point of sale and delivers funds directly to your account, cutting paperwork and improving cash flow.


  • State-of-the-art check reader converts paper checks into electronic items with added precision, reducing error and fraud.
  • Dual-track magnetic stripe reader automatically collects and inputs data from credit cards and driver‚s licenses, reducing procedural errors.
  • Full reporting capability provides easy access to all payment information including both totals and details for all payment types.
  • Stores up to 500 check and 300 card transactions, greatly reducing closing frequency requirements.
  • Check imaging allows merchants to process checks without identification in most cases.

Verifone Tranz 380 Point of Sale (POS) terminal
Verifone's Tranz 380 POS terminal features 128K of random access memory so it can handle sophisticated applications such as the Address Verification System (AVS) that can be used to accept telephone and mail orders. The extended memory also allows you to store more transactions in the terminals memory, making it ideal for merchants who anticipate a high amount of credit card volume.

Verifone Tranz 380X2 Point of Sale (POS) terminal
If you have two credit card merchant accounts - for two businesses or to accommodate both retail and mail order sales, for example - the Verifone Trans 380X2 POS terminal is ideal. By using independent memory segments, the Verifone's Tranz 380X2 POS terminal is the equivalent of two separate terminals in a single, space-saving box. Switching from one merchant account to the other is as simple as touching the function key twice. Verifone's Tranz 380X2 POS terminal is perfect for merchants who run two businesses out of one location and for merchants who do both high volumes of mail order and retail transactions and need separate merchant accounts.

Verifone Printer 250
The Veirfone Printer 250 is similar to the Printer 220 in size and appearance but delivers higher performance for businesses with medium transaction volume. The P250 printer uses the same commonly available three-inch wide paper as the P220 printer so there is no need for expensive special paper. The P250 prints receipts at a speedy 2.1 lines per second in two colors. The Printer 250 is perfectly suited for medium transaction volume merchants who need a reliable unit to print receipts. All Verifone printers are compatible with Verifone terminals such as the Tranz 330, 380, and 380x2.

Verifone Printer 900
The Printer 900 is Verifone's fastest printer and is perfect for businesses that have high transaction volumes. By adding a separate motor for paper advance and a print head that prints in both directions, the Printer 900 prints at 3.7 lines per second. The P900 has a print head life expectancy of 100 million characters, and a mechanism reliability of 2.5 million lines mean cycle between failure so it is one of the most reliable and fastest printers on the market. The P900 use commonly available three-inch wide rolls of paper.

Verifone PIN Pad 1000
The Verifone PIN Pad 1000 lets you accept ATM and debit cards through most existing Verifone terminals. The PIN Pad 1000 features an easy-to-read eight character display that lets your customers confirm the correct purchase amount has been entered. The 12 key keypad offers tactile, audio, and visual feedback for each PIN entry.

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